Amrit Malwa Capital Ltd

Amrit Malwa Capital Limited registered with the Reserve Bank of India as Asset Finance Company (AFCs). Our primary business is to finance automobiles and we have a significant presence in commercial vehicles, such as Cars, other farm equipment, and two-wheelers. Being in business for nearly three decades, we have strived to achieve the highest levels of professionalism, sincerity, discipline and above all to stand to our commitment with our worthy investors. commercial vehicles, such as Cars and two-wheelers.

Why Choose Us

Since 1987 when our first company AMRIT HIRE PURCHASE LIMITED, was incorporated, starting from a very small scale and rising constantly over all these 31 years has been possible due to strong management control, execution capabilities, and vast geographic penetration. In the present economic scenario of India, where financial inclusion is the top priority of the Government, our companies play a vital role. Our companies offer various financial products to the common man where banks have no retain facility. We ensure the fastest and most transparent financing of automobiles with minimum formalities to our customers, which makes us leaders in the automobile finance business in Punjab.
We take pride in having a 70000 strong customer base as of Dec 2021 for whom owning an automobile was a distant dream, since, all of them generally belong to an unbanked sector of the economy with no history of financial soundness.

Our Group

Our group is promoting low cost financing to that section of society which uses two wheeler for their livelihood. These customers of our group are actually using their automobiles to commute to their jobs, educational institutions etc, where they have no regular public transport system in village and semi-urban areas. Self employed section of the society is also encouraged to buy two wheeler with easy finance facility whom banks don’t finance for lack of accounts in banks etc. These self employed people like milkmen, hawkers, carpenters, painters, delivery boys use these vehicles and earn their living.

We Are Amrit Malwa Capital Limited

We are leading organized Finance group providing credit facilities to Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, E-Rickshaw, E-bikes, LAP Loan etc.


Empowering Your Goals.

Two-Wheeler Loan

A two wheeler loan enables you to buy a bike of your choice on low-interest rates with monthly EMIs without hurting your budget. EMIs or Equated Monthly Installments are designed to repay the two wheeler loan at affordable prices.

Four-Wheeler Loan

A Four wheeler loan enables you to buy a Car of your choice on low-interest rates with monthly EMIs without hurting your budget. EMIs or Equated Monthly Installments are designed to repay the Four wheeler loan at affordable prices.

E-Rickshaw Loan

Amrit Malwa Finance is among the early movers in the E-rickshaw financing industry, contributing to India’s e-vehicle revolution.

  • Minimun documentation
  • Faster Approvals
  • Competitive Interest Rate

LAP Loan

We our pioneers in LAP Loan in Punjab amongst NBFCs. Our over 15 years of experience in this sector has enabled us to become leaders in Four Wheeler financing throughout Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. Our group has the easiest and fastest procedure for finance of Four Wheelers.